5 Pakistani Dresses Fashion Tips You Cannot Ignore for 2021/2022 – Shireen Lakdawala
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5 Pakistani Dresses Fashion Tips You Cannot Ignore for 2021/2022

In the 21st century, the style trends of the Pakistani fashion industry have ruled the world. People buy Pakistani designer dresses worldwide. These Pakistani dresses represent our culture and heritage. Are you looking for the most reasonable yet stylish Pakistani designer dresses, if the answer is yes, then you are at the right place; Shireen Lakdawala is trending nowadays. We offer the best quality eastern Pakistani dresses with embroidery, tilla, and shisha work on it.

Fashion is a word that means adopting a certain style. People try to follow everything that includes footwear, jewelry, accessories, clothing, hair styling according to the latest trends. In this article we will sum up the 5 Pakistani dresses tips you cannot miss this year.

Medium Shirt with Cigarette Pants

If we have a look into summer fashion trends, medium shirt length and cigarette pants look nice, especially on tall girls. Pakistani designers have bought innovation in cigarette pants as well. Most women prefer bold and bright colors in summer you can make a medium shirt with cigarette pants in any fabric but the lawn is the best choice in summers. This dress gives you an eastern touch as well. They can also be wearing in winter with a khadar fabric.

Digital Print 3-piece Suits

In Pakistan, 3-piece suits are always in fashion. This year, a digitally printed shirt with plain trousers and matching organza dupatta is a new style in Pakistani designer dresses. It’s a choice of almost every Pakistani woman nowadays. Every year, designers come up with Pakistani designer dresses of different patterns and unique colors to maintain innovation. Shireen Lakdawala also offers you 3 piece unstitched Pakistani dresses. If you are interested in buying, just visit our website for further details.


If we talk about party wear or wedding wear Pakistani dresses, Kaftan is a new style introduced by designers. They can be of any fabric that includes lawn, chicken Kari, raw silk, and velvet

Chunri Style Outfits

Chunri is an evergreen pattern in Pakistani styling. This attire is the most demanding among Pakistani women because you can wear it casually as well as during party wear or wedding wear. There is a variety of chunri designs in the market. Most of the people wore the chunri dupatta with plain shirt and trousers. Chunri has amazingly vibrant colors and patterns that are eye-catching.

Pakistani Dresses in Pastel Colors

Day wedding events are also a new trend in Pakistan and for day weddings and people usually prefer pastel colors to wear at day events. These pastel color Pakistani dresses look decent as well as elegant.

Shireen Lakdawala is one of the top designers of Pakistan that offers you Pakistani designer dresses according to today's trends and prices. We provide you best quality Pakistani dresses at your doorsteps. We have hired young talented fresh graduates as a team to make you stylish. Visit our website for further details.

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