SL-J23-13 Opal Earrings

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This is a set of gold earrings adorned with pink and green gemstones and pearls. The earrings feature a large pink rectangular gemstone at the top, with a smaller green teardrop-shaped gemstone below it. The gold setting is intricately designed with small pearls and gold leaves, adding to their elegance.



Size Guide: Shirt
Shirt XS S M L XL
Chest 36in 38in 40in 44in 46in
Waist 34in 36in 38in 42in 44in
Hip 40in 42in 44in 48in 50in
Shoulder 13in 14in 14.5in 15.5in 16in
Size Guide: Pant
Pant XS S M L XL
Waist 29in 31in 33in 37in 39in
Length 36in 36in 37in 38in 39in

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