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To Wear a Long Dress or a Short One in Pakistan in 2022?

Let's compare the pros and cons of short and long dresses in Pakistan so you can make an informed decision.

Considering how religiously devoted the majority of Pakistanis are, the nation maintains a very orthodox Islamic identity. Despite the fact that you may not share the religion of the majority of the population, it is still important to respect the local customs and traditions if you visit a Muslim-majority country. Being a native of an Islamic nation, I can confidently assert that female modesty is a cornerstone of the faith.

Pakistani Women's Short Dress

In terms of Pakistani fashion, short formals are a relatively new trend. We didn't start seeing them in large numbers until the 1980s, when young women began opting for club-inspired prom appearances rather than their moms' more traditional long dresses.

Restriction due to Cultural Norms

Wearing a short dress and yet being considered modest in Pakistan is a challenge. Therefore, parents often frown upon their daughters wearing short dresses when shopping, attending classes, or otherwise going out in public. In Pakistan, it is very recommended to ask a parent for permission before wearing such items.

Alternative in Fashion that's Worth Considering

Nowadays, one's sense of style goes beyond what's in vogue. You're about to have a look that's all your own, and it's going to be unique and one of a kind. It's all about finding your own unique way to break the rules.

Short dresses with daringly short hemlines are a fashion trend in and of themselves. It's a certain way to liven up the style factor of any outfit. In addition, wearing a short dress is a daring and exciting way to express yourself.

Changing to flats from heels is another way that women may stand out. Wearing short skirts with flats might make your legs seem longer.

Pakistani Women's Long Dress

A formal dress in the traditional, lengthy style

Long skirts and dresses are favored by Pakistani parents because they make it easier for their daughters to hide their bodies.

Protection from the Sun

A sunhat and sunglasses are must-haves for any trip outside in the warm weather of Pakistan. As a result, a long dress is a viable choice for any kind of vacation, whether it be a trip to the beach or a more urban adventure.

We should also keep in mind that, despite the heat and humidity of the South, they are far more comfortable to wear than shorts. In addition to offering UV protection, they are also rather roomy. Simply said, they are a kind of sun protection clothing.

Not a Single Wardrobe Mishap

Having your shirt stay neatly tucked into your long dress eliminates the possibility of a button gap in your top. To put it simply, it protects you from everything and everything. In order to look your best at more conservative occasions, like church services, afternoon tea with the in-laws, or a posh baby shower, a long, flowy dress like a maxi is your best bet.

Versatile Uses; a Possible Choice

They're convenient since you can throw them on for a variety of occasions, from the office to a wedding to a romantic supper to a trip to the pet shop. The addition of the word "lounge" to the description of a long dress makes it become an eye-catching piece of attire.


Pakistani women almost universally like the longer style of clothing. Nonetheless, the decision rests with you depending on your own style of attire. Shireen Lakdawala is the place to go in Pakistan & all over the world for long formal dresses & casual dresses. Among Pakistan's fashion elite, this brand is quickly becoming a go-to source for long dresses.

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