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Top Indian Clothing Trends for Various Seasons

India is a place of celebrations, with people dressing up for numerous festivals all year. While summer is the most well-known fashion season, spring, autumn, and winter have their costumes and collections.

This blogpost by Shireen Lakdawala, however, focuses only on the numerous Indian clothing styles in different seasons. Let us investigate! How does the Indian lady dress in these distinct seasons?


Our wardrobe choices are primarily about staying cool and comfortable in the heat of summer. This also applies to Indian ladies. If you like ethnic Indian fashion, there are always enough clothes to last you through the summer, from sarees and luxury prêt to lehengas, choli, gharara, shalwar suits, and so on. But you're undoubtedly here for the defining trends of an Indian woman's summer dress, which we've highlighted here.

Clean and minimal

In the hot and humid Indian summer, you want your arms and legs to be able to breathe freely. Minimal and clean designs are your best choice in the summer since less is always more.

Embroideries and prints

We anticipate that elaborate designs and embroidery will be popular this summer as women want a more relaxed and premium fashion look. Expect more beautifully adorned and embroidered blouses and skirts, as well as more pinks and mauves.

Summer floral patterns

You already know that summer is the season for bright blooms and airy textiles. This is also true with Indian ladies. Floral designs are a summer classic, and they are ubiquitous in the summer wardrobe of the average Indian lady.

Pastels, as well as white!

In the heat of summer, you always want something cool and refreshing. This is why white and pastel colours are usually popular in the summer. You may invest in more pastel-coloured dresses for summer, ranging from white georgette fabric dresses to Indian crepe dresses in cream, pink, light green, and all of the other lovely pastel colours.


When it becomes chilly outdoors, winterwear is largely about keeping you warm and safe. However, there are plenty of dresses, trends, and styles to keep you looking gorgeous even in the dead of winter. When it comes to Indian winter clothing trends for women, check out the Indian woman's top trends listed below.

Long sleeves and sweater tops

In the summer, we believe that less is more. In the winter, you need to do more to protect yourself from the cold. Long-sleeved skirts with sweater tops will suffice.

Shawls and scarves

Do you like your dupatta? Winter is the ideal time to take your relationship to the next level. You may effortlessly wrap a scarf around your neck while wearing a kurta, saree, or sweater and your clothing will still appear as lovely and elegant as you desire!

Fabrics de luxe

While summer is dominated by light textiles, winter allows you to indulge in shalwar suits, sarees, lehenga cholis, and other clothes created from luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, brocade, satin, and jacquard, among others.

Colors that are relaxed

During the summer, pastels and whites are popular. Winter colours should be dark and unusual, such as red, grey, and royal blue, among others.


Autumn is the season that occurs between summer and winter. And since it's never too chilly or too hot, you get to try on some of the greatest summer and winter outfits. How does this affect the Indian woman?

We've put out the top fall trends for you to discover as the nation prepares for a season of weddings and celebrations!

Dresses for special occasions

In India, September is the start of wedding season and other festivals. For your fall wardrobe, stock up on lehengas, sarees, Anarkali suits, shalwars, and more for any events you have planned.

Florals from the East

Oriental patterns and flowers, in addition to gorgeous appliqué and elaborate needlework motifs, are a mainstay of Indian fall. This season, bold Eastern motifs, as well as phoenix and bird prints, are ideal.

Pleats and ruffles

Textured clothing with unique ruffles and pleats is popular throughout the Indian fall. You may get additional Indian clothes with these intriguing design components if you like.

Colors that are bright and cheerful

Flamboyant hues such as yellow, red, green, and fuchsia, among others, are ideal for a vibrant and lovely fall. When it comes to colourful, you may want to go all-in on the sequins and crystals embroidery. In fall, a little shine is never out of place.


Sarees, lehengas, and fusion wear are all appropriate for those who want to embrace the seasonal changes that spring brings. But what are the season's defining trends for ladies who adore both contemporary and traditional Indian dresses? Find your solutions below;

Colors in pastels

Do you like pastels? Spring is the ideal time to buy for soft and stylish pastel dresses ranging from shalwar suits to lehenga choli, abaya suits, and more.


If you're brave enough to dress like your favorite Bollywood actress, layering is the simplest way to go, and spring is ideal for it. You may complement a vibrant piece with a neutral coat. This is a really simple and refreshing look.

Blouses with belts

Everything is being belted these days, from sarees to anarkalis, trousers, and even blouses. If you're enthused about it, it may be one of your greatest spring looks.

Fabric that is sheer

Sheer materials have a mystical quality about them. It's ideal for Spring when you need your skin to breathe in the heat. If you care, it also lends a touch of mystery and sexuality to your image. All of these factors combine to create transparent apparel that is ideal for the Indian spring.

The wonderful part about the Indian fashion industry is that there is something for every season and event.


You can always find something to help you nail the right appearance, whether it's spring, summer, autumn, winter, or any of the festivals and events we can't live without. The patterns shown above are a wonderful place to start for any of these seasons.


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