Mehr by Shireen Lakdawala

Ready to head out for the event? Wait! Not without the perfect #ootd picture for the gram! The outfit you choose and the designer you select for any particular event is a reflection of your style and personality! So when it comes to styling an outfit we want to put forth our A game in fashion!

Your hair and makeup can be spot on but if you don’t have the right dress to compliment your personality, your complexion, your body shape; all that effort goes in vain! We are always on the look for the latest trendiest yet classy outfits to sort your day and put you in the limelight. Let us give you an insight to what we found! Ladies, here we go! Go through the dazzling collections and thank us later! Shireen Lakdawala has stolen the show and has left no stone unturned with the perfect outfits for every event and for our beauties from all age groups! You want luxury pret wear or formals or just some elegant chic outfits, Shireen Lakdawala has got all the tricks up her sleeve!

As dreamy and magical as it sounds, Shireen Lakdawala’s Mehr is the epitome of elegance! Mehr- the collection that translates to the full moon is the true depiction of sheer elegance and finesse. View the complete Mehr collection by Shireen Lakdawala here

Mehr is a ready to wear collection that has got your back for any formal event. The festive occasions or formal official events, Mehr has you chanting style and class! Mehr outfits range between 69$ to 89$. For detailed price visit their website. Shireen Lakdawala has not only added her signature style statement in Mehr but its whole wide range of colors and cuts depicts the thoughtfulness behind it. Dholki or sangeet event or a formal gathering, monochrome tones or the bright and bold hues, Mehr is slaying the looks and presenting them to you on a silver platter winning hearts!

Mehr by Shireen Lakdawala serves you the perfectly designed premium silk ensembles. What caught our eye were some of the most stylish statement cuts accentuated with the intricate laces. Some outfits have some statement dupattas to compliment and complete the look, however many outfits include shirt and pants whereas a dupatta can be added!

Apart from the ready to wear size chart measurements, we love that Shireen Lakdawala gives its admiring customers the freedom to personalize the dress with custom fittings and measurements. That is just one of the many perks that comes with a brand focused on customer satisfaction.

Our personal favourite from Mehr collection is this gorgeous ensemble: This blue outfit is perfection in its simplicity yet mystique details. The cutwork on the sleeves, the scallops details and the delicacy and wow factor added with the lace is a perfect package for any woman with an eye for fashion and style. It’s dupatta with block work adds to the traditional yet unique masterpiece.

If your evening plans include rocking a subtle and stylish dholki #ootd , then take a look at this traditional outfit to put you in limelight, This outfit has Shireen Lakdawala’s style statement written all over it! It is festive yet very comfortable as it is styled with silk straight pants. This outfit will have you oozing royalty with its elegant silk fabric in green color with a very intricate hand block print that has a fan base of its own in our traditional festive clothing line. The vibrancy of this outfit will leave you spell bound for any festive occasion. If all these details are not enough, the gota lace will be the decider for you!

Like all other Shireen Lakdawala’s collections, Mehr too has something in bag for the eternal black color lovers! This one in particular is a blend of black with gold and silver; a combination that can never go wrong! You want to take it up a notch and highlight the bling, go ahead and accessorize it with gold or silver hoops. Not a fan of the shimmery gold and want to keep it subtle and chic, style it with some black jewelry and heels and you are ready to be the showstopper of the party! You can shop this black beauty here.

Mehr is a true depiction of how Shireen Lakdawala has aced the art of effortless perfection in even the minimalist outfits. Most of the outfits are in solid colors of the beautiful soft silk and embellished with block print or laces. Shireen Lakdawala’s light and breezy outfits from Mehr will be the perfect choice for any occasion. This collection is another feather in the cap for Shireen Lakdawala as it inspires many young, talented emerging designers how the true essence of style lies in the simplest of details! Mehr is unique and stands its grounds as one of the client’s most favorite collection from their most trusted brand. Mehr is the elegance that never goes out of style!