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Expert Accessorizing Ideas for Luxury Pret Designer Clothes

Pakistan's fashion industry is known all over the world. Our industry is progressing day by day and gives us a variety of trends to follow. Whether you are wearing something from our luxury pret collection or Dastoor collection, it is essential to carry accessories with your Pakistani fashion dresses to look stunning,

There are no fixed rules for accessorizing, but make sure you do not overdo it and keep it simple. Accessories are also determined by what you wear, where you are going, and your attitude. For example, a well-chosen piece of jewelry can infuse your entire ensemble with charm. Also, invest in quality pieces because you'll be wearing them a lot and don't want them to look shabby.

Let us see what accessories you can carry with the luxury pret collection offered by Shireen Lakdawala.


Bags look practical and might improve your overall appearance. There's a bag for every occasion: clutches, polkis, handbags, and shoulder bags. Wear an expensive-looking purse with your wedding gown to compliment your luxury gown. You can also wear polkis popping up all over the place with your luxury pret. They're adorable, traditional, and have a vintage feel to them. For everyday use, choose a leather tote or shoulder bag that can hold everything you need, from your wallet to your medications, but make sure you get the appropriate one because it will be the most utilized item in your wardrobe.


The dupatta is the perfect desi accessory since you can wear it in many ways. You can seem modest and stylish by wearing the proper dupatta. Shireen Lakdawala offers various dupattas for various events, including grass, cotton, and organza. Who says you can only wear a dupatta with traditional Indian attire? You can also call it a day by wrapping a stole or scarf around your neck. We also offer shawls for winter wear. Grab your favorite shawl from us at affordable prices. Our Pakistani designer dresses are premium quality, so you do not have to worry about the fabric.


Minimal metal jewelry, such as gold or silver jewelry, and a watch, are appropriate for casual wear. Your simple tee and jeans outfit can be elevated with a gold layered necklace and a ring or studs. Your gown and the occasion determine the type of bridal jewelry you choose. Hair ornaments such as jhoomar, matha pati, and bindiya can be worn to the extreme. Add a thick Kundan necklace and earrings to complete the look.

At Shireen Lakdawala, we offer a variety of clothing styles. We offer various collections, and the Dastoor collection is the top-most favorite nowadays. We provide casual wear, formal wear, and luxury pret Pakistani designer clothes at affordable prices.

To know more about us, you can call us. Our customer service representatives are here to guide you. We offer small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Our size chart is also available on the website. Place your order right away and get the most stunning Pakistani fashion clothes at your doorstep.

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