The ISHQ collection by Shireen Lakdawala is a glitzy extravaganza of design, construction, and luxury. This luxurious line expertly marries classic tailoring with cutting-edge design, using only the highest quality materials to produce sumptuous garments with a lasting air of elegance.


Techniques and Embellishments

ISHQ exemplifies the skill and creativity of its creators. The series is distinguished by its use of a wide variety of elaborate methods and embellishments:



The focus of this line is the intricate hand embroidery. French knots, zardozi, dabka, and kora work are just some of the embellishment methods that have been painstakingly applied to each set. The clothing gains dimension, texture, and a hint of richness thanks to these methods.


Sequin Work

The sequins on ISHQ are an essential part of the outfit. They sparkle and shine, lending an air of enchantment to the outfits. Whether used in subtle or dramatic patterns and designs, sequins create a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow.


Gota and Tilla Embellishments

Traditional Indian embellishments like gota and tilla work (metal embroidery) are heavily represented here. These additions give the contemporary designs a touch of history and tradition while enhancing their visual appeal.


Pearl Accents

Pearls are a classic accessory that can elevate any outfit to the next level of chic. They're all skillfully stitched together to make the cloth seem radiant and ageless.



Pieces are given extra splashes of color and allure because of the carefully placed chatapati appliques. These appliques lighten up the otherwise rich stitching.


Fabrics and Textures Used

The ISHQ collection's fabric selection is as important as its methods. Shireen Lakdawala has selected fabrics that add to the overall aesthetic and provide comfort and elegance.


Pure-Soft Organza 

Some outfits are given a light, airy character thanks to pure-soft organza. This fabric's transparency and light weight make it a perfect background for detailed needlework.


Pure Net

Several dresses employ pure net fabric with a light and elegant feel. It's a great canvas for sparkling crystals and elaborate sequin designs.

Maysuri Fabric

Lehngas made from the lavish maysuri cloth flaunt its glimmering sequins, kora, and dabka embroidery. The garments benefit from the added heft and luxury that this fabric provides.



Some items have chiffon for a fluid, transparent quality that makes them billow as you walk. It adds to the class of the set as a whole.


Khadi Net

Khadi net is popular because of the traditional and homey feel it exudes. For some outfits, it bridges the gap between the present and the past.


Soft Net

The usage of a lightweight net fabric is both contemporary and refined. It paves the way for developing heavenly designs, glistening pearls, and complex decorations.



Some garments are adorned with royal grandeur thanks to pure silk jamawar. The sumptuous feel of this fabric is a perfect match for the detailed patterns.


Timeless Beauty and Elegance

The ISHQ line by Shireen Lakdawala proves that ancient methods, luxurious materials, and modern design sensibilities can harmoniously coexist to create something special. Each outfit is a work of art that exemplifies the essence of luxury fashion: elegance, charm, and radiance. The collection is a fascinating look into the world of high fashion, encapsulating the spirit of festive formality and the persistent appeal of tradition.