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How to Accessorize Pakistani Dresses for Weddings

Are you getting ready to have a fabulous appearance at a wedding in the family? Are you a bride looking for tips to accessorize your wedding dress? First, we need to ask – Have you bought one of our best Pakistani dresses at Shireen Lakdawala. If you have not then what are you waiting for? It is time to head to our collection online and place your order. Based on what dress you pick to wear to the event, our tips will guide you to accessorize them with perfection. Let us get right to the tips we have for you.

1 - Decide How Much Veil You Need or None At All

Not everyone likes to cover up the entire face. Some brides and girls generally put a veil over their heads either partially, or not at all. You can do either. If you do go for a veil, pin it up properly so that you do not have to struggle with it during the event. A properly pinned veil helps you manage everything and enjoy the event.

2 - Match the Jewelry to the Pakistani Dresses

No matter the colors you choose, always wear jewelry that matches. You can contrast them or mix and match the colors. Whatever you do, make sure it looks amazing. To have a traditional Pakistani look, we recommend wearing jewelry sets with the tika, nose pin, dangling earring, a beautiful and heavy necklace, bangles, and rings. Make sure they complement the colors of your dress and at the same time are visible.

3 - Think about Neckline –

Highlighting the neckline is important to accentuate the necklace. Wear a neckline that shows your necklace. It does not have to be vulgarly deep or wide but just enough to allow people to notice your necklace. Think about this – If you choose a set that melts with the colors of your dress then there is a chance that the necklace will not be visible. Do not choose a necklace that is too long if your Pakistani dress has heavy embroidery. If you do, make sure it stands out from the background.

4 - Match the Bangles

Without bangles, your designer Pakistani dresses are not complete. Wear glass with matching colors. You can also go for pure gold bangles if you do not want to wear glass bangles. A recommendation we have is bangles with hanging jhumka (also called Jhumka Latkan Bangles).  

5 - Match the clutch/purse

No girl is complete without a petit purse or clutch. For brides, having a clutch is a classic, so make sure you have one of these. You can easily find something amazing to go with your Pakistani designer dresses in every color. Usually, we recommend going for those in golden with a lot of artistic work on them. Alternatively, depending on the theme of your dress, you may want to try the silver one.

6 - Match the Shoes

Just like the purse, your shoes must match your Pakistani dresses. It is just straight and simple!

Hope these tips help you accessorize to look bedazzling and breathtaking! Have fun!

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