KIARA New Collection by Shireen Lakdawala
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KIARA New Collection by Shireen Lakdawala


The magnificent New Collection - Kiara series is Shireen Lakdawala's newest addition to their illustrious collection, and it will transport you to a realm of timeless beauty and refinement. This new collection of Pakistani Asianwear dresses reflects the label's dedication to offering high-quality clothes for all occasions, with an accent on the celebratory holiday of Eid. New Collection - Kiara is poised to redefine elegance and capture fashion aficionados worldwide with her exquisite attention to detail, sumptuous materials, and gorgeous designs.

About the Collection

Experience the magic of the New Collection - Kiara collection with us as we show you dresses that embody elegance, tradition, and modern appeal. The amazing ZOHA ensemble is one of the highlights. The flower embroidery on the shirt, which are Shireen's trademark, as well as the slacks' sleek silhouette and the chiffon fabric's lightness, give the outfit an air of subtle glitz. Customers who want the added convenience of a complete inner should make that request at the time of purchase.

The Zel Outfit

New Collection - Kiara's ZEL outfit, another show-stopper, is breathtaking. This airy outfit is made from khaadi fabric and has hand-worked leaf appliqué; the matching dupatta features applique cutwork, hand-worked black sequins, and delicate pearls for a contemporary touch. The outcome is a modern take on the classic look, great for creating a splash at any gala or other formal event.


The chiffon long cape by RAYA Outfit is irresistible if you're searching for the epitome of grace. Handworked net flowers embellished with pearls, crystals, and enticing sequins are a hallmark of designer Shireen Lakdawala and are on full display here. Custom lengths of up to 18 inches may be ordered for the connected pleated inner, created by hand and pleated by machine. This outfit exudes class and classic style, making it a convenient option for many occasions.


AZIN, a new addition to the New Collection - Kiara line, is stunning in its monochromatic simplicity. Using leather work and intricate hand-embroideries, it is crafted on luxuriously soft Korean silk to create a classic piece. The thread-embroidered organza dupatta lends the stunning ensemble a last touch of sophistication.


The ZIBA long flowing silk kalidar is sure to wow with its beauty and sophistication. This exquisite set has pearl cutwork and shimmering hand-worked sequins, lending an air of classic elegance. The shimmering pearls, crystals, and cutwork on the dupatta only add to the garment's inherent beauty, making it an absolute need for your Eid attire.

Other Amazing Outfits

The New Collection - Kiara line includes the equally beautiful and sophisticated CYRA, ELA, AIYLA, and SALINA. These outfits are designed to take your Eid attire to the next level, with fabrics ranging from delicate khaddi net fabric decorated with elegant cutwork and beautiful pearl work embellishments to fashionable chiffon capes covered with magnificent appliqué work and hand-worked pearls and tassels.

The Best of Shireen So Far

The designs of New Collection - Kiara is distinctive in and of themselves, but their adaptability sets them apart. The variety of hues, cuts, and trims in the collection makes it possible to adapt any dress to various occasions. New Collection - Kiara dresses allow you to express your individuality, whether attending a formal event or a laid-back party.

Shireen's Commitment To Our Clients

Shireen Lakdawala is committed to providing more than just aesthetically pleasing selections of Pakistani Asian Wear Garments. It shows in the top-notch construction, luxurious materials, and painstaking attention to detail that always wins over buyers. Every celebration is special, and our New Collection - the Kiara collection, was created with that in mind.

Our website is designed to make buying simple and stress-free, with features like simple navigation and safe payment processing. We aim to make browsing the New Collection - Kiara collection online as simple as possible so you may do it whenever and wherever is most convenient. To add to the merriment of your Eid festivities, be on the lookout for any discounts, deals, or giveaways that may be happening.

Explore the New Collection - Kiara Archive in More Detail

In this second part of our look at Shireen Lakdawala's entrancing New Collection - Kiara collection, we'll dive deeper into some breathtaking outfits that exhibit the label's dedication to offering the finest Pakistani Asianwear gowns for all occasions.


The FINNA Dress is a work of art that perfectly captures the allure and sophistication of contemporary femininity. Made from the finest quality pure chiffon, this one-of-a-kind creation is decorated with hand-worked crystals, sequins, and floral embroidery in an elaborate chikankari pattern. The 3.5-yard-long pure chiffon dupatta is lavishly embroidered with large pearls, making the whole thing seem very expensive. The FINNA dress, designed by Shireen Lakdawala, exemplifies the classic elegance she infuses into each of her garments with its ethereal allure and impeccable construction.


The RAHA Dress is another lovely item in New Collection - Kiara's lineup. This pattern is like a fairytale come to life; the pristine chiffon and delicate chikankari embroidery will leave you spellbound. A touch of glitz is added by the hand-worked crystals, sequins, and floral embroidery, and refinement is conveyed by the pearl embroideries on the drapery dupatta. The RAHA dress is ideal for people who want to create a strong first impression via their appearance.


The PRISHA jacket in on-trend purple is a show-stopper for fashion-forward women who want to stand out. This silk jacket epitomizes refined style with its stately appliqué work and hand-worked pearls. Put together an eye-catching outfit by matching it with comparable bottoms and accessories. The PRISHA jacket is a must-have because it may improve your overall style.


The ALIZA Dress is a paragon of elegance and sophistication. Beautifully embroidered with French knots, crystals, pearls, and cutwork, this silk kalidar is perfect for twirling and dancing. The ALIZA dress is a show-stopping item that will have all eyes on you as you celebrate Eid in chic sophistication.


The New Collection - Kiara collection has produced yet another stunning work of art in the form of LINA. Get in the spirit of Eid celebrations with this exquisite item, adorned with sparkling hand-worked pearls, crystals, and appliqué work on sumptuous silk. LINA Dress is a one-of-a-kind outfit that shines with grace and beauty because of its elaborate design and attention to detail.

What Makes NEW COLLECTION - KIARA So Special?

Every New Collection - Kiara dress is made with care and attention to detail to perfectly capture the spirit of Pakistani Asianwear. Each garment reflects the label's dedication to quality in every detail, from the meticulous selection of high-quality materials to the professional workmanship and delicate embellishments.

You may be certain that when you choose Shireen Lakdawala, you get more than a garment. This activity allows you to express your individuality, honour your ancestry, and look your best at any gathering. The New Collection - Kiara dresses are perfect for making a statement and showcasing your style thanks to their classic good looks and adaptability.

Our Customers Love Us

The fact that Shireen Lakdawala is widely regarded as the greatest label for Pakistani Asianwear gowns is a source of great pride for the company. Our dedication to quality and meticulousness has helped us become leaders in our field. If you're looking for high-end fashion that never fails to wow, go no further than Shireen Lakdawala.

Our commitment to always giving our consumers the best is foundational to our brand. We think every dress deserves to be a work of art. Thus we take great care in creating them. This is why we insist on using only premium materials since this guarantees that each garment will be as pleasant as it is long-lasting. Our textiles will make you feel attractive and confident because of how they appear and feel on your skin.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

The artistry of our craftsmen is a source of tremendous pride for us. Their skill and care are clearly evident in each stitch and embroidery. Our gowns are embellished with details that set them apart, such as feminine floral designs and elaborate hand-worked decorations. Our skilled tailors put their all into each garment, and that's why every dress from our collection exudes refined beauty.
Our dedication to designing gowns that may be worn for various events differentiates us from the competition. We know that clothing should be functional and versatile so that you can create an impression no matter where you travel. These costumes may be worn to various occasions, including weddings, festivals, parties, and Eid festivities. When you work with Shireen Lakdawala, you can be certain that your go-to dress will never fail to make you feel and look fabulous.

Our Love For You Tops Everything

Providing exceptional service to our customers is our top priority. To us, customer service is all about ensuring you have a good time when you buy. Our website's intuitive design makes browsing through our many offerings simple. We also provide safe payment methods to guarantee the privacy of your financial dealings with us. If you have any questions or issues, our committed customer care staff is here to help you every step of the way.

Ultimately, our company's reputation rests on a solid ground of honesty, reliability, and genuineness. Regarding client service, we always aim to go above and beyond. We value our ties with our customers and consider their happiness our greatest achievement. When you shop at Shireen Lakdawala, you can be certain that you get the best quality, workmanship, and customer service, making your shopping experience one you won't soon forget.

Shireen; Breaking Records

At Shireen Lakdawala, we credit our success to our dedication to breaking new ground in Pakistani Asianwear. To ensure you always have access to the most cutting-edge styles, our team of creatives is always on the lookout for fresh inspiration and innovative methods. Our collections are constantly ahead of the curve and perfectly reflect the ever-changing fashion industry.

Our meticulous attention to detail has made us the industry leader. Every production stage, from brainstorming to packaging, is given the utmost attention to detail. Each dress is carefully crafted with the wearer's innate beauty in mind, with special consideration paid to the cut, fit, and silhouette. We want to instill confidence and a sense of beauty in every woman who wears one of our creations.

We Encourage Diversity

Shireen Lakdawala shares this dedication to diversity and acceptance. Every woman has her own qualities and needs to feel like she belongs. Thus, we have included a broad range of sizes in our assortment to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. There is beauty in all kinds of people, and we celebrate that.
We are well-known not only for the quality and precision of our work but also for the superiority of our client service. We work hard to ensure that every step of the process, from browsing our website to receiving your dress, is first-rate.

Whether you need assistance finding the appropriate size or fashion advice, our helpful staff is here to serve you. We are grateful for your confidence and will do everything possible to earn it back.

Sustainable Practices Are Our Priority

Additionally, we take great pride in doing business sustainably and ethically. We know the need to protect our planet and reduce the harm we do to the natural world. For this reason, we prioritize using sustainable materials, minimizing waste, and collaborating with environmentally conscious vendors. When you shop at Shireen Lakdawala, you can have confidence in your style choices since you support a company concerned about the environment.

Shireen Lakdawala is, without a doubt, the top label for Pakistani Asianwear dresses because of our dedication to excellence in design, construction, customer service, innovation, diversity, and inclusion, as well as our dedication to ensuring the long-term viability of our business. We work hard to design gowns that will help you feel special no matter the event. Discover the Shireen Lakdawala difference and take your style to new heights with our unique designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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