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MUNTAŹIR Collection is Now Live

by Shireen Lakdawala 11 Feb 2021


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”- Oscar Wilde

If you haven’t taken a look at our new collection “Muntazir”, it is high time to take a look, you will be left spellbound by the whimsical colors & exquisite designs. Our exceptionally talented designer has created timeless pieces of art. Our vision is to create alluring ensembles utilizing techniques that exquisitely merge contemporary & classical fashion trends together.


The top-notch quality fabric will provide you with an ecstatic experience that will carve unforgettable memories. Alongside great products, there is a wide range of designs & fabrics to choose from, depending upon your personal style & preferences. 


Intricate Embroidery, Chic Designs, & Classical Cuts

What else does a girl need? Treat yourself to our trendy and chic designs and stand out in your circle this wedding season. Our collection “Muntazir” is an all-in-one solution to your dressing predicaments. Be it “Shehnai”, the beautiful long frock in an orange shade, or “Fazleen, the purple-colored shirt embellished with handwork of zardozi & tilla, every piece is exceptional.  The workforce involved in creating these artworks is dedicated to providing nonpareil quality to our clientele.


Why Should You Buy from Shireen Lakdawala?


Make us your major brand and let us add colors to your life. We have a dedicated staff, committed to putting in additional efforts & constantly striving to revive the old fashion trends by giving them a modern tweak. From “Manizeh” to “Mahi”, from “Sharmeen” to “Singhar”, every outfit is an ultimate example of our professional craftsmanship. Our highly skilled staff work hard  to ensure quality ensembles out of plain fabric, the designing done is top-notch to keep our customers happy & satisfied.


Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani


If you are a Pakistani living abroad, be the one who supports our national industry. It is nearly impossible to buy good quality “traditional Pakistani Clothes” outside of Pakistan. However, Shireen Lakdawala has made it easier than ever for every Pakistani living abroad to proudly embrace their culture and stay connected to their roots whilst wearing high quality, and beautifully crafted pieces.


Get your Hands On the Latest Designer Collection

The best thing about Shireen Lakdawala is that you can customize all the dresses according to your size and taste. Most Designers do not offer such assistance to their clients but we do. You can choose from a variety of fabric, designs, & colors and get your outfit stitched according to your own style. 


Make the Customer the Hero of your Story- Ann Handley

That’s what we are constantly striving for at Shireen Lakdawala. Our customers are our heroes & there’s no second guessing that . Our customer service representatives are highly skilled and professionally trained. Our main goal is to improve the customer experience by incorporating result-driven strategies. Furthermore, we welcome all kinds of suggestions and criticism from our customers and try to improvise subsequently.


Don’t forget to treasure our perennial pieces of art and flaunt them with enormous panache.


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