Party & Wedding Dresses by Shireen Lakdawala
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Party & Wedding Dresses by Shireen Lakdawala


Women of all ages and for all sorts of events are becoming fond of wearing Pakistani Fancy Dresses. These stunning ensembles are a crowd-pleaser at formal occasions like weddings, parties, festivals, and more because of the artful fusion of classic and contemporary design elements. Shireen Lakdawala is one of the best online boutiques since it sells various fashionable and reasonably-priced Pakistani designer clothing. This article looks at the most recent developments in Pakistani formalwear for 2023, including the most well-liked cuts, Colors, materials, and decorations.

Latest Designs

Pakistani Formal Wear takes cues from the Mughal, Afghan, and Balochi civilizations. The Anarkali style is characterized by a long, draping form with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. This classic form is typically embellished with elaborate embroidery and trims to give it a stately air. Pishwas, the national garment of Pakistan, is distinguished by its long, flared skirt and close-fitting bodice. It is commonly worn at formal events because of the high-quality Fabrics and intricate needlework that go into manufacturing it.
Kaftans are long, flowing dresses that are ideal for lounging around in. They frequently include colourful designs and needlework that attest to Pakistan's rich cultural variety. Dresses can be as understated or elaborate as their designers see fit. These dresses are great for any occasion, thanks to their fitted bodice and flared skirt.

Pakistani fancy dresses include wide-legged pants, a gharara or sharara, and a short or long blouse. They are commonly found at weddings and other celebratory events because of their elaborate Embellishments. The classic Indian outfit consists of a lehenga, blouse, and dupatta. Extensive embroidery, zari work, and mirror work transform this set into breathtaking wedding attire. Pakistani fancy dresses are frequently praised for their refined style. They are great for special occasions because of their length and elaborate embroidery or beads. Even though sarees are not indigenous to Pakistan, they have recently experienced a surge in popularity there. The sarees used in Pakistan are known for their eye-catching hues, intricate needlework, and graceful drapes.


Pakistani Formal Wear is famous for its vivid and varied use of colour. Peach, mint, lavender, and sky blue are pastel colours that will be on-trend in 2023.
In addition, people desiring a stunning appearance still like deep colours like navy blue, turquoise, magenta, and red. These hues work well with complementary or contrasting dupattas, allowing you to assemble a stylish and complementary outfit.


Fabric selection is very important in Pakistani fancy dresses since it affects how the dress drapes and how comfortable it is. These gowns are commonly made from the following fabrics: The lawn is a great fabric for summer gatherings since it is airy and light. It has a silky feel and is typically embellished with fine embroidery or patterns. Pakistani fancy dresses benefit from the ethereal quality that chiffon, a transparent and airy fabric, brings to the table. It's soft, flowing, and typically adorned with dazzling sequins and embroidery.

Organza, which is sharp and see-through, provides structure and fullness to the garment. Flared skirts and ruffled sleeves are typical examples of when this fabric is utilized to great effect. Silk is a refined fabric that may be worn in various ways. Intricate embroidery, zari work, and beads adorn many wedding garments made from it. Popular for its fluidity and drape, lightweight georgette has a subtly textured surface. It is frequently employed in the production of voluminous dresses and sarees.


Pakistani Beautiful Gowns owe much of their aesthetic appeal to the intricate embellishments that adorn them. These are some of the most common add-ons. Zardosi is a type of traditional needlework in which shiny materials like beads and sequins are used in the design. This time-consuming and detailed effort elevates the garments to a new level of luxury. Thread embroidery is a flexible craft that allows for the creation of intricate and striking patterns. Embroidery is the art of decorating cloth with elaborate designs and motifs stitched in various colours.

The delicate embroidery used to create pashminas is what sets them apart. The intricate floral patterns are typical of shawls, dupattas, and sarees. To make elaborate patterns and motifs on fabric, beaders utilize tiny beads. It improves the garments' aesthetic appeal by giving them texture and sparkle. When it comes to crystals, nobody does it better than Swarovski. These superior gems are frequently utilized to enhance the opulence of Pakistani fancy dresses.

Shireen Lakdawala's Hottest Sellers

Shireen Lakdawala is a popular online shop providing fashionable clothing and accessories that represent current trends in Pakistan. These are a few that particularly stand out:


The chikankari blouse and delicate threadwork that make up ERAB's signature look makes for a stunning combination. Sequences, tilla, gems, pearls, and gotta work are some embellishments that go into making tassels by hand. The saree is ready-to-wear, so it may be worn to any event.


Exquisite tilla and zardozi handwork decorate the 100% organza VIRESCENT BELLE. With its many crystal embellishments, this ensemble is ideal for formal events.


ANGEL AURA is a sophisticated long shirt with elaborate embroidery along the collar. Its complex handwork and one-of-a-kind pattern result from a combination of a hand block print in gold and white.


Embroidered by hand with gold tilla, naqkshi, stones, gems, and thread, TIFFANY is made from authentic chicken Kari cloth. This classic yet contemporary ensemble is elevated by adding bootis to the bodice, panels, and sleeves. It may be accessorized with a dupatta.


The sumptuous kora French knot and tilla resham embroidery adorn the self-embossed silk fabric from which LIA is crafted. Crystals and beads were hand-selected to complement the pattern, resulting in a sophisticated colour scheme appropriate for any event.

Pakistani fancy dress' adaptability and practicality

The gorgeous patterns, rich cultural heritage, and adaptability of Pakistani Fancy Gowns have led to their international renown. Famous designers like Shireen Lakdawala create outfits that are versatile enough to be worn for a variety of events and seasons. Dressing up in Pakistan is common practice even for everyday activities. They are versatile enough to be worn to daytime events, social engagements, and even informal lunches with friends and family.
Choose a grass or chiffon dress in a pastel or bright hue for a casual outing. Complement it with a simple pair of earrings or a thin bracelet. Sandals or flats will round off the ensemble nicely. Dresses like Shireen Lakdawala's ERAB design, which pairs delicate net threadwork with a chikankari blouse, are ideal for transitioning between formal and informal settings.

The Allure of Pakistani Fancy Dresses

Pakistani Fancy Dresses provide a sense of elegance and refinement to black-tie occasions such as evening parties and corporate meetings. Go for a dress made of silk or organza, and choose a dark, rich colour like navy, magenta, or emerald green. Details like zardosi embroidery or Swarovski crystals boost the glam factor. Put on a big necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings to make a fashion statement. Add shine by wearing the dress with high heels or embroidered sandals. The VIRESCENT BELLE dress by Shireen Lakdawala is a gorgeous alternative for black-tie affairs since it is made of pure organza and has handwork in tilla and zardozi.

The Right Events For Pakistani Fancy Dresses

Pakistani fancy gowns are ideal for traditional cultural gatherings and seasonal festivities like Eid and Diwali. Choose festive hues like crimson, turquoise, and gold to capture the celebratory mood. Choose gowns that include elaborate embellishments like embroidery, threadwork, or beads. Traditional jewellery like jhumka earrings, bangles, and a handbag should be worn with the attire. Use embellished sandals or classic mojris to round off the ensemble. The ANGEL AURA dress by Shireen Lakdawala is perfect for holiday parties because of the intricate handwork on the neckline and the one-of-a-kind hand block design.
The unique combination of history and modern flair in fancy Pakistani gowns has made them popular for weddings. Wedding gowns should be made of luxurious materials like silk or velvet and embellished with elaborate decorations like zardosi or pashmina. Use tried-and-true hues like burgundy, gold, and pale pink. Add bling to your bridal ensemble with a show-stopping necklace, maang tikka, and bracelets. Accentuated juttis or bridal heels are perfect with this garment. Shireen Lakdawala's LIA dress is a beautiful wedding alternative with its self-embossed silk fabric and rich embroidery of French kora knots and tilla resham.

Tips for Deciding on the Perfect Dress

Think about the weather forecast

Dresses of silk or velvet are best worn in the cooler months, while dresses of lighter materials like chiffon or lawn are best worn in the summer.

Individual taste

Choose a dress that complements your style and makes you feel confident and at ease. Choose the style, fit, and colour that works best for you by trying on various options.

Do your best to accessorize tastefully

Choose jewellery and accoutrements that enhance the outfit rather than compete with it. Find a happy medium between eye-catching focal points and understated embellishments.

Take note of the collarbones

Choosing the right neckline for your dress is crucial. Use a high neckline or a halter neck if you have a longer neck to make your body appear longer. Wearing a V-neck or a scoop neck can make a shorter person's neck look longer. While choosing a dress, consider how the neckline will sit on your shoulders.

Think about the context

The appropriate level of formal attire varies depending on the occasion. Choose a gown that satisfies both the event's dress requirement and your own sense of style.

Keep your body type in mind

Any body type may find a style of clothing that looks great. For instance, an Anarkali dress with a fitted bodice and flared skirt are universally attractive. At the same time, a gown with a tight waist is ideal for emphasizing an hourglass form. If you know your body type, you may pick a dress that brings out your greatest assets.

Play around with various silhouettes

Pakistani formal wear can range from form-fitting to loose and flouncy. Don't be scared to try new things and expand your horizons. Get the best-fitting silhouette for your body type and personal taste by trying on various designs, such as A-line, straight cuts, and flared skirts.

Take the dress's length into account

The formality and appropriateness of a dress depend much on its length. Casual settings require shorter lengths, while more conventional gatherings require longer styles. Knee-length or midi-length dresses are more adaptable and young. At the same time, floor-length gowns and maxis reflect sophistication and grace.

Accessorize and shoe-shop

Pakistani fancy outfit isn't complete without the proper accessories and footwear. Pick up some jewellery and shoes to accompany the outfit and show individuality. Add some glitz with a waist belt to highlight your curves and some statement earrings, bangles, and a handbag. Shoes should complement the dress in design and colour scheme, so go with heels, sandals, or juttis.

Layering allows for customization

Layering is key to creating original and fashionable looks with Pakistani fancy dresses. To round off your outfit, try adding a cloak, blazer, or shrug in a contrasting or complementary colour. Thanks to the layered design, the dress may be styled in various ways for different seasons and events.

The most crucial piece of advice is to get a fancy Pakistani dress that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin. Feel free to express your individuality while wearing one of these stunning garments. There is a huge selection, so you can discover the ideal dress for every occasion or time of year.

Concluding Remarks

Stunning patterns, luxurious materials, superb embellishments, and classic elegance have always drawn ladies to Pakistani fancy dresses. Pakistan's fashion sector is booming, with designers pushing the frontier of what's possible. Being a well-known online boutique, Shireen Lakdawala features the most cutting-edge designs in Pakistani womenswear, including an extensive selection of exquisitely made gowns suitable for every event or individual's taste. The collection, which ranges from the ethereal beauty of ERAB to the imperial grace of VIRESCENT BELLE, showcases the craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterize Pakistani fancy dresses.

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