Rubaiye Clothing Collection is now Live at Shireen Lakdawala
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Rubaiye Clothing Collection is now Live at Shireen Lakdawala

Pakistani designer dresses refer to the ethnic clothing that is frequently worn by people of Pakistani origin. Pakistani clothes precise the culture of Pakistan. Women in Pakistan acquire an unbeatable obsession of clothes and fashion, and are always looking forward to update their closets. The most delicate Traditional Pakistani designer clothes, from Shalwar Kameez, and trouser fabric new design Trendy party wear all are part of Shireen Lakdawala Collection. Rubaiye Collection is one of the amazing and classy collection launched by Shireen Lakdawala.

Rubaiye Collection have bright colors to enhance the look of the outfit. Various styles and patterns are used to change the impact of every dress in the Rubaiye Collection. The fabric texture used in the Rubaiye Collection is soft and stiff and its appearance, drape and the visual effect of all the dresses are fabulous. The exclusive, classy and beautiful collection involve special kind of clothing like new arrivals in Rubaiye Collection. Rubaiye Collection have elegant cuts, bold color contrast, embellished pieces of work in the suits.

Rubaiye Collection also includes long frocks, angrakhas, short shirt with trouser and more stylish clothing. Most often it is added with some new prints and styles. Our angrakha is an ethnic top has an asymmetric opening, knotted or secured by either thread ties or loops. The Angrakha is an intensely versatile garment that has been presented and integrated with a style of kurta and can be worn with any type of bottom such as a churidar or a cigarette pant. We offer both churidar and a cigarette pant with angrakha in our Rybaiye Collection that you can wear on your special day or event.

Frocks are still considered the best attire for occasions like parties and get-together. Short frocks look great and elegant, as short frocks with shalwar are really in these days, it can also be worn with straight pants. The black and red combination gives a striking look.

Pishwas, Anarkali suits, gowns are the different types of frocks, frocks are flowy, breezy silhouttes that can be floor-length or ankle-length usually it had a fitted bodice and comes in a variety of fabric such as chiffon, georgette, lawn, cotton or any light weight fabric. Anarkali frock had been round for so long, they were the signature dress. Long frocks are the most drool-worthy, vintage and modest fashion trend. Umbrella frocks have a voluminous body with a most breezy fun fabric. They are lared with 5 to 6 pannels on each side to give them most twirl-worthy feel. Sometimes umbrella frock have a bodice sometimes they don’t, and they are usually paired with sharars or a lehenga.

Pishwas has been around for trend in past 2 years. This is one of the most loved ethnic wears dress, but this design has recently been seen at casual and formal events, and people loved its cutting the length or the full-length pishwas and exposing the churidar a little. These all are available at Shireen Lakdawala.

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