Shireen Lakdawala’s stunning Ready to Wear Eid Collection 2024
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Shireen Lakdawala’s stunning Ready to Wear Eid Collection 2024; Get ready to dazzle!

Is your mood board ready for this Eid? Do you have that perfect look in mind, or are you still looking for that outfit that will take your breath away? We know what you need, you need the charm of Rania in your life! Meet Rania; Rania is sheer sophistication and elegance. Rania is a blend of timeless beauty and finesse; Rania is charming and mesmerizing!

Rania is Shireen Lakdawala’s latest masterpiece with a bespoke collection that speaks volumes about the intricacy and majestic appeal of traditional Pakistani ethnic wear! With Eid around the corner, everyone is on the hunt for that one breathtaking Eid outfit! All eyes are on Pakistani brands Eid season and they deliver! Eid 2024 is just a few weeks ahead; let’s get your Eid looks sorted for all your festive gatherings!

What’s Hot in Trend?

Let me grab the first outfit I see!” said no woman ever! Usually, people don’t see the effort that goes behind the selection of that one outfit for a family gathering! That one dress is a result of countless searches, hundreds of saved posts, and browsing through every designer that exists! If it’s a festival like Eid, who can just stop at one outfit? Obviously, there will be lots of family gatherings and every look must serve! The transition from day to night and planning the whole mood board with accessories, makeup look, and hair-do to style that perfect outfit! A lot goes behind every look! Now we can’t settle for one style for sure! We want every look to be different! One doesn’t simply get the thought that goes behind selecting the silhouette and style of dress. You want a contemporary modern vibe with a co-ord set and at the same time want a long flowy dress with true Eastern vibes! The trends in Pakistani formal dresses are never out of style! Every style has its own charm and fan base! If you can’t make up your mind whether you want to go for a short-length shirt or a long and flowy outfit then Rania will help you get sorted with all your needs! Rania has some stunning mid-length sets as well as long maxi dresses for you to serve different looks at every event!

Dress to impress!

This Eid is giving all mixed signals about whether to keep it low-key simple with some lawn collection or serve your full glam look! If you ask us, who doesn’t love subtle glam at festivals? We can’t blame you for wanting to go all out; after all our Pakistani formal dresses and Eid collections have us swooning over the sheer elegance and majestic queen vibes! Shireen Lakdawala took Eid glam up a notch with the exquisite collection of pure magic! One can’t help but fall in love with the intricate embroideries and allure of Pakistani dresses. The magnificence of our rich classic embroideries and embellishments is showcased in Rania by Shireen Lakdawala. Life’s short; dress up and steal the spotlight! It’s all about self-love! Dress up this Eid to impress yourself; don’t shy away from adding that extra bling. You deserve to dazzle and shine in this timeless sophistication by Shireen Lakdawala.

Timeless, Elegant, and Ethereal:

If we have to summarize Rania in a few words, it’s timeless! The stunning choice of colour, fabric, and details with silhouettes and cuts makes the perfect Eid outfit! Rania has an essence of happiness and bliss! It reflects serenity with its vibe; Rania makes for a bold style statement!

Rania features formal outfits with a luxurious signature look! The traditional Eastern wear is all you need this Eid for your family events. Dress up in elegance and win hearts with your desi queen vibe! This spring Eid get your glam on and shine in Rania by Shireen Lakdawala.

The Hues from Heaven:

Rania is a match made in heaven for those looking for pretty pastel colours, muted tones or bold and beautiful statement pieces! The versatile contemporary cuts are embellished and complimented with a versatile colour palette! Rania by Shireen Lakdawala was meticulously crafted with a colour pick for everyone!

Since Eids is now a summer affair in Pakistan, so there is a great incline towards the breezy summer cuts and refreshing colours! From all-time classics like white to gorgeous spring/summer tones like lilac, cool lime, ice blue, and peach fuzz! If you are looking for a bold style statement or something in darker tones for the nighttime events then you can go for the mesmerizing and elegant shade of green that’s just iconic!

The Styling do’s and don’ts:

So all the Eastern girlies, this Eid let’s lay some ground rules! We know nothing hurts more than when an outfit doesn’t look like how it was supposed to be in your head! What ruins that perfectly good outfit is the styling! We have all seen those Insta changing rooms and can’t emphasize enough the importance of styling vs wearing! Let’s get this straight we absolutely have to have our mood board ready for makeup and hair inspo! Grab those statement pieces of jewellery and clutch to be an absolute Diva, and do not forget to share your pictures with Shireen Lakdawala!

A Sneak Peek into Rania’s Bestsellers:

Let’s feast our eyes on the most majestic Eid Collection of 2024! Rania gives Queen vibes with a mesmerizing display of alluring ensembles crafted to perfection. Every stitch, thread, pearl, and detail is a well-thought addition to the masterpiece! Here are the favourite picks from our clients across borders:

Sehar: Sehar is like a morning glory in elegant white! The pearl embellishments on organza and threaded fabric are pure magnificence with the crystals adorned neckline! Perfect for daytime festivities this Eid!

Esra: The dynamic Esra is an eye candy with its bewitching beauty and simplicity! The cutwork details are to die for and the soothing blue colour has us swooning over the ethereal beauty! The delicacy of the fabric is like a breath of fresh air! Esra is selling out fast and is one of our “Must-haves” for a classic Eastern Wardrobe!

Mahin: The charm of the gorgeous lilac Mahin is truly magical! It’s not merely an Eid outfit; it’s a story of the intricacy of the delicate threadwork and signature embellishments! If you are looking for a formal and luxurious look; then Mahin is the right choice for you! Get your glam on with this angrakha cut captivating maxi! The splendour of Mahin is captivating and can give you that perfect snatched look from day to night!

Shireen Lakdawala’s Eid collection 2024 is a masterpiece without a debate; the overwhelming response from our fashionistas is a testament to this fact! So don’t miss out and shop now!

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