Afreen Collection is Now Live on Shireen Lakdawala
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Afreen Collection is Now Live on Shireen Lakdawala

Since their unveiling in July, the Afreen Collection has been the highlights of the fashion world. The designs are just as charismatic as ever and making fans have a frenzy to grab every last piece they can afford to buy. The great news is that you can find and order your selection from the Afreen Collection which is live on Shireen Lakdawala right now! You visiting Shireen Lakdawala is a because it is fated that you buy one of these for yourself without losing the opportunity.

Why Would You Want Afreen's Designer Clothing?

Simply because their designs and color contrasts are perfect. The designer pays attention to detail and creates clothing lines that are nothing but quintessential. Wearing Afreen’s clothing is one of the most trending wishes among the women of Pakistan in recent days. Since their unveiling, it is clearer that the clothing line is heading for a bigger competition in the near future. Here are some features of the Afreen Collection we want to highlight for those who are uncertain about whether to buy or not.

The Embroidery is Brilliant

The Afreen Collection stands out as an extraordinary brand because they emphasize their embroidery in the best ways possible. Women can never have enough of their eye-catching exquisite patterns. Every thread is sewn to perfection keeping contrast and balance of the design in mind. Women wearing these, look very elegant and carry these somewhat traditional yet trendy clothing gracefully.

Amazing Fabric Variety

Making sure that the fabric is suitable for different embroidery designs is an art. The Afreen Collection is simply making a remarkable impression with the variety in lace, chiffon, silk, and other fabric they use. Not every dress may have embroidery, and some have patterns printed on them too. Nonetheless, the fabric is top-notch and worth every penny one invests in this brand of high-class fashion.

The Dupatta Designs

Not to ignore the ethic closet factor – the Afreen Collection has the dupatta added to it to maintain the traditional and classic Pakistani dressing sense. What’s a Pakistani women’s wardrobe without equally amazing dupattas after all people? You will love the chiffon dupattas; some are laced and others embroidered to complete the beauty of the rest of the attire.

Stock Up on Printed Designs

Not everyone likes embroidered clothing, or at least not all the time. This is why, most women like to stock up on printed designs alongside embroidered suites. There is something for women of all ages. This is also why there is a high demand for this clothing line. No matter what, wearing the Afreen Collection is every woman’s right.

Complete Your Designers Collection

What are you waiting for? At Shireen Lakdawala, we are have stocked up while other outlets have already run out of their stock. The clock is ticking so you must act now and buy your Afreen clothing right away! Every second you spend here counts – It may not be a sale, but the frenzy of Afreen fans is nuts! You wait too long you lose, so act now!

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