HAYA by Shireen Lakdawala

If you ask any woman, what is the most exciting thing about south Asian weddings? The answer is quite simple, you get to dress up in the most extravagant, regal dresses that makes you feel nothing less than royalty! This best part about weddings also turns out to be the most time consuming and stressful part if you do not have enough time on hand or if you cannot bear the pain of designing that perfect jora yourself! The brides and the teens these days are most excited about the sangeet / dholki and mehndi functions! The bride and groom clan knows the pressure of getting those perfectly matching outfits according to their themes and the ones that seems as synchronized as their dance steps that they have been rehearsing for days!


Luxury Formal Dresses

The charm and excitement of dressing up in the most vibrant colors, flares, cuts and silhouettes is beyond ones’s imagination! Fortunately as the hype around the luxurious formal wedding dresses for the south Asian market rose, so did many talented designers came into the scene! One such amazing designer that emerged in this particular scene is none other than Shireen Lakdawala! Her exquisite and mesmerizing collections one after another continued to wow the clients and kept them wanting more from her trendy and creative designs! Shireen Lakdawala’s collections are a vision for the sore eyes! Colors that scream love, the fabric that wraps you in elegance and comfort, cuts and designs that makes the heads turn, the intricate embroidery that oozes finesse! One after another, Shireen Lakdawala continued to mesmerize us with her iconic fashion sense and out of the world style statements!


Luxury Pret Wear

Shireen Lakdawala’s couture takes you to another dimension, another world! You could keep strolling from one collection to another feasting your eyes with sheer elegance but it still won’t be enough! The Luxury pret wear, Rasmein, Koh I noor, Muskan, Mehr, Dastoor, Khwahish, Lamhe, Afreen, Rasmein, Aleeza and Haya each and every collection is an affair to remember. It’s like a fairytale experience for all the south Asian couture lovers! Shireen Lakdawala’s latest collection Haya has blown us away! Haya has had us in it’s trance with every magical outfit! Haya is nothing less than a treat for the fashion industry. All the brides and bridesmaids looking for that one dreamy, perfect vibrant outfit that you wanted to compliment all the colors and would scream happiest and prettiest bride and bride clan; Haya is for you! Haya is where you will find that dress you imagined yourself wearing grooving to the desi beats looking oh so gorgeous!


Wedding Dresses - Mehndi Collection

Haya by Shireen Lakdawala is worth all the hype this wedding season. The collection is a treasure of our heritage, our customs, traditions and our culture, mixed with just the right amount of modern contemporary cuts and designs! Haya made the decision get a lot more difficult as you wouldn’t want to get just one! You would be adding some to your wishlist for the next wedding too! Haya gives a very festive, groovy, vibrant, colorful and trendy look with its campaign! Shireen Lakdawala had us swooning over the aesthetically pleasing display of Haya! It hits just the right chords for our south Asian fashion lovers all over the world. The marigolds and the yellows from Gul e Daudi’s, the garlands were perfection and left very little to imagination as to how magnificent those dresses would look on your big day!

Over the years, bridal fashion may have revolutionized but adding just the right amount of modern oomph to the traditional cultural heritage seems to be the cherry points for Haya by Shireen Lakdawala! The gorgeous colors and silhouttes of Haya are eye catching! What charmed us the most is that each and every article of Haya is so delicately designed with intricate details that the dress alone leaves no room for wanting more jewelry to compliment it! If you are a mehndi bride or that BFF or part of the cousin squad; all you need is Shireen Lakdawala’s Haya ensemble and then even the simplest marigold garlands and jewelry will be enough to make you shine on your day!


Pakistani Designer Dresses

Let’s take a closer look at Haya. Karissa is a vision of royalty with applique work of gold, tilla, resham, kora and crystals. These details paired with Shireen Lakdawala’s signature embroidery resulted in this ensemble perfect for any wedding event! Arya dazzles us with its exquisite luxurious fabric and Shireen Lakdawala’s signature details to accentuate this masterpiece! This one from Haya with its colorful groovy vibe is a trendsetter! Haya has gems like Noor and Rimal that effortlessly makes you the talk of the town! The gorgeous ensemble with the very classic chattapatti Dhaka pants is a dream!

Haya by Shireen Lakdawala has everything to offer from soft hues of Lia, Aimal and Areesha to bright and bold Insia, Minal and Rabiyah! For all the black for every event lovers, Haya has you covered with the beautiful Rynah! Shireen Lakdawala shines through with Haya! Every outfit is unique and a showstopper in its own ways! Shireen Lakdawala has made it inevitable through Haya that it is not just a collection of wedding dresses, it’s the embodiment of dreams come true!