The traditional Punjabi outfits designed by Shireen Lakdawala are stunning. For Punjabi men and women everywhere, these suits are more than simply an article of clothing; they symbolize their culture and heritage. For ages, ladies on the Indian subcontinent have dressed traditionally in Punjabi suits. Our line combines classic and contemporary elements, making it suitable for ladies of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

The Importance of Punjabi Suits in Our Culture

Punjabi culture is exceptionally significant for Asian females and males. The customs, music, dance, and food that makeup Punjabi culture are all rich and varied. The Punjabi are known as incredibly kind and generous. They celebrate holidays and events in a way that shows how much they value and respect their culture.
The emphasis on family and community in Punjabi culture is reflected in the region's aesthetics. Women don Punjabi outfits for special occasions, including weddings, festivals, and religious rituals. These suits are more than simply an article of clothing; they represent pride in one's heritage. Some of our Punjabi suits are discussed below:

Punjabi Suits at Shireen Lakdawala

There is a wide variety of Punjabi suit designs, materials, and cuts, each reflecting a particular facet of Punjabi identity. Traditional and contemporary elements come together in Shireen Lakdawala's Punjabi outfits. You may choose silk, chiffon, and net pieces that have been hand-embroidered with gotta, tilla, crystals, pearls, and sequence. The expert tailoring of each ensemble makes even the longest days at the office a breeze.

The Honey Dew

The Honey Dew suit is a silk outfit that features hand embroidery of gotta, tilla, and crystals; it is part of a more significant collection. You may accessorize this traditional clothing for special occasions like weddings and festivals by adding lots of hefty jewelry pieces. Since it strikes the ideal balance between classic and contemporary styles, the Honey Dew suit may be worn for various occasions. This outfit's combination of traditional and modern details suits a wide range of ladies.

The Mandarin

The Mandarin suit is constructed from a chiffon Chickenkari fabric embroidered with thread and sequence. The tilla, dabka, sequin, and stones worked by hand in gold give the garment a sophisticated look. The Jamavar trousers with the set are an excellent match for the shirt.


The Naveera suit's silk net fabric and crocheted lace detailing make it exceptionally comfortable. The pearls, crystals, and sequence embellishment on the collar elevate the sophisticated and well-tailored garment. The net silk fabric is airy and comfortable, and the crocheted lace trim gives the garment a sense of sophistication and femininity. The Naveera suit is ideal for any black-tie event without sacrificing comfort. This getup is exquisite for weddings and other formal occasions.

The Nonia

The Nonia suit epitomizes chic simplicity with its pastel hue, block-printed border, hand-embroidered pearls, Resham, and sequence. This dress is ideal for social occasions because it is formal but not stuffy.

The Pariza

The Pariza suit is an elegant staple, adorned with resham thread embroidery, pearls, and crystals. The delicate lacework expertly embroidered into the net silk fabric gives the garment an elegant appearance. The laced dupatta is an optional extra worn with the dress for various special occasions.


This suit is a long chiffon embroidered with our latest sequence fabric and gold thread. This set looks great because of the in-house embossed block print we designed and printed ourselves. Accessorize it with the dupatta as-is and all handwork of sequence and lace for the holiday season.

These Punjabi suits Have Their Distinct Identity

Because the laces and sleeve fabric print are both potentially customized, each item is one of a kind. Shireen Lakdawala's Punjabi suits are sized XS, S, M, L, and XL, so they should fit a wide range of ladies. Customers may quickly round off the appearance and expand the garment's versatility by purchasing an optional dupatta for an extra fee with any dress.

Although Shireen Lakdawala's suits might run you a pretty penny, the superb quality and careful craftsmanship are worth the investment. High-quality Punjabi suits are created from the highest-grade materials and designed perfectly for our clients. The fact that these suits may be worn to various cultural events and occasions increases their value considerably.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Shireen Lakdawala's line of Punjabi suits is a stunning homage to the region's rich heritage. For both men and women in Punjab, these outfits represent more than simply a fashion statement. Each ensemble's classic and contemporary elements will appeal to women of all ages and social classes. The variety of materials and styles will ensure everyone can find something they like. Although each ensemble is pricey, it is well worth it due to its outstanding quality and careful craftsmanship. Thus, if you care deeply about representing your heritage, you must own at least one of our Punjabi suits.