Sarees are a stunning and elegant garment that may be worn to a variety of occasions. Sarees are a great choice for women who wish to stand out at weddings, formal gatherings, and cocktail parties. Some of the most beautiful and sophisticated sareecollections in the world come from the mind of Shireen Lakdawala. Our sarees are well regarded for their beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. There is a saree for every taste and style in Shireen Lakdawala's collection, from the most classic styles to the most cutting-edge creations.

Saree: The Ultimate Symbol of Elegance and Glamour

Given the variety of materials, hues, and styles out there, sarees are a fantastic choice for women of all ages. The versatility of sarees as an accessory makes them a go-to choice for many occasions.
A saree is a great option for any formal event, from weddings to formal dinners to cocktail parties, since it makes its wearer stand out. The versatility and ease with which it may be worn make it a great choice for fashionable women around. Sarees' widespread appeal extends to the fact that they may be worn by ladies of any age or size.

We Provide Value To Your Money

Sarees are a great investment, but they can be pretty pricey. When purchasing a sareefrom Shireen Lakdawala's collection, however, you are purchasing a work of art that you may wear and treasure for years to come.

Sarees are sometimes fairly pricey since they are crafted from luxurious materials like silk, chiffon, and organza. The delicate nature of these textiles necessitates painstaking attention to detail while designing and embroidering. What makes a saree so exceptional is the time and effort put into making it.

Wearing it is an opportunity to express yourself. By wearing such elaborate attire, you are making a statement about your confidence and appreciation for the aesthetics of traditional Indian dress. Sarees are more than simply a garment; they are a beautiful piece of art.

Our Saree Collection: A Closer Look

The sarees designed by Shireen Lakdawala are among the finest available.


Embroidered with rubies, pearls, tilla crystals, and sequence, this chiffon sareehas a matching blouse made of chiffon thread. Organza ruffles decorate the hem of the saree. The REBA is a stunning representation of our meticulous design and skilled execution. Chiffon is a flowy, lightweight fabric that allows for effortless wear and movement.

The handwork of ruby and pearls on the blouse is both elegant and glamorous, complementing the delicate and lovely thread and sequin work. The organza frills give it a certain flair that sets it apart from the others. It is a wonderful choice for prom, a black-tie dinner, or a cocktail party.


Sequence and thread work adorn this chiffon-stitched saree. This saree's gold sequence work is very stunning. The saree is appropriate for all celebrations. Gotta pati embroidery completes the saree. The ZARMIN is yet another stunning piece of work by Shireen Lakdawala. The saree's gold sequence work is very lovely, and it gives the garment an air of refined elegance. The gotta pati embroidery on it is elaborate and lovely; it really sets the piece apart from others.


Chikankari blouse with threadwork and sequence embroidery on soft net. Sequence, tilla, crystal, and pearl handwork are used in the tassels. It has been stitched for your convenience. A stunning outfit perfect for any event. The ERAB is a stunning representation of Shireen Lakdawala's ability to fuse modern and traditional aesthetics.

The chikankari blouse is a touch of classic elegance, and the silky net fabric is delicate and feminine. Tassels are a classy finishing touch because of the skilled craftsmanship that goes into making them. This is ideal for women who are not accustomed to wearing sarees since it has been sewn to make it more wearable and mobile. The ERAB is equally at home at a black-tie gala or a family supper.


Lehnga made entirely of chiffon Handmade crystal, sequence, and pearl embroidery on a saree with ruffles. An already gorgeous outfit is elevated by the addition of a threadwork border. For an extra $35, the blouse may be customised with sleeves.

The saree's delicate and lovely sequence work and thread embroidery give it a glamorous and sophisticated air. The crystals, gemstones, and pearls that were all hand-placed there elevate the design to a whole new level. This beautiful saree is elevated by the intricate threadwork along the border, making it an excellent choice for special occasions like weddings and cocktail parties.

Sarees for Every Body Type and Size

Our sarees are available in different sizes, making them unique. This means that women of all sizes and body types can wear these sarees and feel beautiful and confident. The collection by Shireen Lakdawala is a stunning illustration of how traditional designs can be infused with contemporary elements to produce something distinctive and lovely. You'll experience a sense of glamour, confidence, and beauty.